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Bowtie pattern c. 20th century

Feathered Star pattern c. 1852

Bear Foot or Paw pattern c. 1860-1863

Ship's Wheel, Prairie Star or Harvest Sun pattern c. 1850

Union Square pattern c. 1860-1880

Sawtooth pattern with stars. 1850-1900

Signature Friendship Quilt c. 1880-1890

Friendship/Signature Quilt in Chimney Sweep pattern c. 1900

Four Square Patch Quilt c. 1850

Pink & white striped fabric with blue printed fabric squares. c. 1900

Willing Workers Signature Quilt c. 1895

Yellow Appliqued Design c. 1865

Squash Seed pattern c. 1865

Hallie Bond and Maggie Smith

Friendship Quilt c. 1880-1890

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