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Friday, Feb. 5th, 2016

Potsdam- “SKIN and INK” an exhibition about tattoos, tattooing, the history of tattoos, examples of tattoos-flash art, old tattooing equipment, tattoos in prisons, schools, and on the street; will be the subject of the next exhibit at the Potsdam Public Museum.  The exhibition opens on April 3rd and the museum invites the public to share images of their tattoos with stories... MORE

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Opening April 3rd, 2pm

 "Flesh & Ink: Tattoo Histories" explores the cultural, artistic, and personal significance of tattoos, past and present. The multimedia exhibit will include historical and contemporary examples of tattoo flash art and equipment, videos documenting the tattoo process, a photo-documentary project about tattoos and identity, and the work of local tattoo artists.

The Potsdam Public Museum is asking residents of Potsdam to submit photos of their tattoos to be included in the show. We would also be happy to include people from outside the area who got their tattoos in Potsdam.

Click HERE to fill out and submit a brief questionnaire about your tattoo and directions for submitting a photo of your tattoo. Call the Museum at 315-265-6910 for more information or to have a questionnaire mailed to you.

The images at the left are taken from a collection of tattoo flash art and equipment from the 1920s and 30s donated to the Museum in 1985. The works, by Schofield, will be included in the exhibition.



late Sheraton style sideboard and matching mirror  Reverend Gurley was president Lincoln's spiritual advisor

The portraits from the Potsdam Museum Collection featured in this exhibition date from c. 1780 (the silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raymond) through c. 1960 (the photographic portrait of the Peck family children), though most are from the 1880s-1920s. In many cases, we have contextual information about the lives of the individuals depicted in these portraits. Sometimes we have portraits of multiple members of a single family, from which we can trace a set of relationships. In other cases, the portrait itself is the sole source of information about the subject.

All Portraits serve to make the sitter, however distant in time, present before us: the gaze of the subject, which once met that of the painter or photographer, meets our own and invites us to recognize the person before us and to imagine his or her personality and life.

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RESEARCHERS: If you are traveling a distance to do research-please call ahead to be sure we will be open, we are experiencing a staffing shortage. ALSO, please call to ask what we have in a family folder, sometimes it is one obituary from a newspaper, other folders may have personal letters, etc... thank you! (315) 265-6910
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