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Post-War Potsdam

When the War was over, the majority of the soldiers from Potsdam returned home, although a few remained on duty to maintain civil order. Now life was nearly normal, except for the remembrance of those who had died for their country.

The State Census of 1865 showed that the total number of men from St. Lawrence County killed in the Civil War was 977, including 229 killed in battle, 152 died of wounds received in battle, 20 killed by accident, 9 accidental wounds, and 551 died of sickness in service.

St. Lawrence County lost the largest number of men in the War among counties in New York State; New York County followed with a total of 794 men lost to War.

According to figures released by the Bureau of Military Statistics, the total amount paid in bounties by the town of Potsdam during the years 1861 through 1854 was $405,649. St. Lawrence County paid bounties during those years of $806,200.