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Bowtie pattern c. 20th century

Feathered Star pattern c. 1852

Bear Foot or Paw pattern c. 1860-1863

Ship's Wheel, Prairie Star or Harvest Sun pattern c. 1850

Union Square pattern c. 1860-1880

Sawtooth pattern with stars. 1850-1900

Signature Friendship Quilt c. 1880-1890

Friendship/Signature Quilt in Chimney Sweep pattern c. 1900

Four Square Patch Quilt c. 1850

Pink & white striped fabric with blue printed fabric squares. c. 1900

Willing Workers Signature Quilt c. 1895

Yellow Appliqued Design c. 1865

Squash Seed pattern c. 1865

Friendship Quilt c. 1880-1890

Chimney Sweep or Corstian Cross pattern c. 1870

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