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The Potsdam Public Museum Lending Library includes a wide variety of books on Antiques, Collectibles, and Decorative Arts. Please be aware of the following Regulations for borrowing books from the Museum’s Lending Library:
  1. The books that may be signed out are indicated by category on the list below.  All such books are in the bookcases in the museum library to the left if you enter by the main entrance or to the right if you enter by the museum’s back entrance.  
  2. All books are checked out at the Library & Research desk.
  3. Books must be returned two (2) weeks from the day borrowed. 
  4. We must have your Name, Local Address and Phone number on the file card in each book you wish to sign out, and may request Photo identification.
  5. Please treat all materials carefully and return them in good condition for others to use.
Thank You
Potsdam Public Museum


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    Antique and Contemporary Advertising Memorabilia, by B. J. Summers, 2005

    American Farm Collectibles, by Russell E. Lewis, 2004
    Farm Tools, by Michael Partridge, 1973

    Covered Animal Dishes, by Everett Grist, 2000
    Cat Collectibles, by Pauline Flick, 1995   
    Flower Frogs for Collectors, by Bonnie Bull, 2001

    Baskets, by Nancy N. Schiffer, 2001
    Glass and Ceramic Baskets, by Carle Bess White & L. M. White, 2002

    The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars, by Ellen and Mark Supnick, 1995
    The Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars, by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr., 2001
    Perfume, Cologne & Scent Bottles, by Jacquelyn Y. North, 1999
    Udderly Splendid (milk bottles), by John Tufton, 2003
    A Collector’s Guide for Currier & Ives Dinnerware by Royal China Co., by Eldon R. 
         Aupperle, 1996 (with 2001 Price Guide)
    Depression Pottery, by Jeffrey B. Snyder, 1999
    Collecting Fiesta, Lu-Ray and Other Colorware, by Mark Gonzalez, 2000
    Flow Blue: A Closer Look, by Jeffrey B. Snyder, 2002
    Collector’s Guide to Frankoma Pottery: 1933 to 1990, by Gary V. Schaum, 2001
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Gaudy Dutch & Welsh, by John A. Schuman III, 1998
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Granite Ware: Color, Shapes & Values, by Helen Greguire, 1993
    White Ironstone: A Collector’s Guide, by Jean Witherbee, 1996
    Johnson Brothers: Classic English Dinnerware, by Bob Page & Dale Fredericksen, 2003-2004
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Majolica, by Mariann Katz-Marks, 2000
    Official Price Guide to Pottery and Porcelain, Eighth Edition, by Harvey Duke, 1995
    An Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain, by Geoffrey A. Godden, 1965
    The Frank P. and Harriet C. Burnap Collection of English Pottery in the 
        William Rockhill Nelson Gallery
, by Ross E. Taggart, 1967
    Quimper Pottery, by Adela Meadows, 1998
    Warman’s Roseville Pottery, by Mark F. Moran, 2004
    Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass, by George Fischler & Barrett Gould, 2000
    Spongeware, 1835-1935: Makers, Marks & Patterns, by Henry E. Kelly & Arnold A.            
         Kowalsky & Dorothy E. Kowalsky, 2001
    American Stonewares: The Art & Craft of Utilitarian Potters, by Georgeanna H. Greer, 1999
    English Transferware: Popular 20th Century Patterns, by Joe Keller & Mark Gibbs, 2005
    Collector’s Guide to Yellow Ware: An Identification & Value Guide, by Lisa S. McAllister, 2000

    Warman’s Civil War Collectibles, by John F. Graf, 2003

    The Standard Antique Clock Value Guide, by Alex Wescot, 2003 (reprint of 1977)
    Compass & Clock, by John Wilmerding, 1999

    Tabletop Radios, Volume I: The Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios, by Mark V. Stein, 2002

    The Book of Griswold & Wagner, by David G. Smith & Chuck Woffard, 2003
    The Jewel Tea Company: Its History and Products, by C. L. Miller, 1994

    Vintage Cookbooks and Advertising Leaflets, by Sandra J. Norman & Karrie K. Andes, 1998
    Savory Suppers and Fashionable Feasts: Dining in Victorian America, by Susan Williams, 1985
    Tramp Art One Notch at a Time, by Clifford A. Wallach & Michael Cornish, 1998

    Cabin Style: Decorating With Rustic, Adirondack and Western Collectibles, by Dian Zillner & Suzanne
         Silverthorn, 2004
    All Color Book of Art Nouveau, by Geoffrey Warren, 1972

    Vintage Clothing, 1880-1980, by Maryanne Dolan, 1995
    1920’s Fashions from B. Altman & Company, by B. Altman & Company, 1999
    Everyday Fashions of the Twenties as Pictured in Sears and Other Catalogs, by Stella Blum, 1981
    Everyday Fashions of the Thirties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs, by Stella Blum, 1986
    Everyday Fashions of the Forties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs, by Stella Blum, 1992
    Hats: A History of Fashions in Headwear, by Hilda Amphlett, 2003
    Vintage Hats & Bonnets: 1770-1970, by Susan Langley, 2002
    Victorian Fashions & Costumes from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-1898, by Stella Blum, 1974
    Corsets & Crinolines, by Norah Waugh, 1981
    Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers and More, By Linda O'Keeffe, 1996

    Firefighting Collectibles, by Andrew G. Gurka, 2001

    Modern Fishing Lure Collectibles: Volume I, by Russell E. Lewis, 2002

    American Folk Art in Wood, Metal and Stone, by Jean Lipman, 1972
    The Flowering of American Folk Art, by Jean Lipman & Alice Winchester, 1974

    An Encyclopedia of Desks, by Mark Bridge, 1999
    Furniture of the Depression Era: Furniture and Accessories of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s,
         by Robert W. and Harriet Swedborg, 1999
    How to be a Furniture Detective, by Fred Taylor, date unk.
    Fifties Furniture, by Leslie Pina, 2000
    Furniture Field Guide, by Mark Moran, 2002
    The Antiques Treasury of Furniture and Other Decorative Arts, by Alice Winchester (ed.), 1959
    Furniture Treasury (mostly of American origin), by Wallace Nutting, 1965 (orig. 1928)
    Pine Furniture: The Country Look, by Nancy N. Schiffer, 1999
    Designed for Life: Scandinavian Modern Furnishings, 1930-1970, by Michael Ellison & Leslie Pina, 2002
    The Language of Doors, by Paulo Vicente & Tom Connor, 2005
    American Interiors, by Harold L. Peterson, 1971
    English Antique Furniture, by Margery Dean, 1969
    Floor Coverings in New England Before 1850, by Nina Fletcher Little, 1972
    Williamsburg Reproductions: Interior Designs for Today's Living, Craft House, 1976

    Garden Ornaments and Antiques, by Myra Yellin Outwater & Eric B. Outwater, 2000

    The Encyclopedia of Collectibles, 15 Volumes, Time-Life Books, 1978-1980


    Anchor Hocking’s Fire King Glassware, by Garry and Dale Kilgo & Jerry and Gail Wilkins, 1997
    Art Glass Nouveau, by Ray and Lee Grover, 1967
    The Art of Carnival Glass, by Glen and Stephen Thisleweed, 2004
    Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass, by Gene Florence, 2000
    Elegant Glass: Early, Depression and Beyond, by Debbie and Randy Coe, 2001
    Pictorial Guide to Silvered Mercury Glass, by Diane Lytwyn, 2006
    Heisey Glass: The Early Years: 1896-1924, by Shirley Dunbar, 2000
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Heisey Glass, 1925-1938, by Neila Bredehoft, 1999
    Early American Pattern Glass, by Alice Hulett Metz, 2000 (orig. 1958)
    Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass, 1860-1930, by Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile, 2000
    Purple Glass: 20th Century American and European, by Leslie Pina & Ed Goshe & Ruth Hemminger, 2002
    Tiffany Favrile Art Glass, by Moise Steeg, Jr., 1997
    The Big Book of Vaseline Glass, by Barrie Skelcher, 2002
    The Illustrated Guide to American Glass, by Emma Papert, 1972

    2003 Standard Catalog of Firearms, by Ned Schwing,
    Antique Guns, by Hank Wieand Bowman, 1953

    Christmas: 1940-1959: A Collector’s Guide to Decorations and Customs, by Robert Brenner, 2004
    Christmas: 1960-Present: A Collector’s Guide to Decorations and Customs, by Robert Brenner, 2002
    Christmas Revisited, by Robert Brenner, 1999
    Christmas Pins Past and Present, by Jill Gallina, 2004
    Halloween: Collectible Decorations and Games, by Pamela Apkarian-Russel, 2000
    Christmas Music Companion Fact Book, by Dale V. Nobbman, 2000
    The Victorian Christmas Book, by Antony & Peter Miall, 1978
    The Gift of Christmas Past: A Return to Victorian Traditions, by Sunny O'Neil, 1981
    The Christmas Tree Book, by Phillip V. Snyder, 1977

    Beads in Fashion, 1900-2000, by Leslie Pina & Lorita Winfield & Constance Korosec, 1999
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons, by Sally C. Luscomb, 1999
    The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry, by Jeanenne C. Bell, Graduate Gemologist, 1998
    Warman’s Jewelry Field Guide, by Leigh Leshner, 2005
    Vintage Jewelry for Investment and Casual Wear, by Karen L. Edeen, 2002
    100 Years of Purses: 1880s to 1980s, by Ronna Lee Aikins, 2005
    Umbrellas, by Judith Pinkerton Josephson, 1998

    Aprons: Icons of the American Home, by Joyce Cheney, 2000
    Aprons of the mid-20th Century: To Serve and Protect, by Judy Florence, 2001
    Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies & Society, 1700-1880, by Antigone Clark & Joseph O’Kelly, 2003
    Irons, by Elaine Marie Alphin, 1998
    Victorian Houseware, Hardware and Kitchenware With Up-To-Date Prices for Collectors, by Robert S. Barlow,
    300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, by Linda Campbell Franklin, 1997
    Kitchen Treasures, by Barbara E. Mauzy, 2003
    Scales: A Collector’s Guide, by Bill and Jan Berning, 1999
    Depression Area Kitchen Shakers, by Barbara E. Mauzy, 2001
    Glass Kitchen Shakers, by Gene and Kathy Florence, 2004
    The Eccentric Teapot, by Garth Clark, 1989
    Old America Kitchenware, 1725-1925, by Louise Lantz, 1974
    The Glass Candlestick Book, Volume 1: Akro Agate to Fenton, by Tom Felt & Elaine and  Rich Stoer, 2003
    The Glass Candlestick Book, Volume 2: Fostoria to Jefferson, by Tom Felt & Elaine and Rich Stoer, 2003
    Electric Lighting of the 20’s – 30’s, James Edward Black, ed., 2001
    Electric Lighting of the 20’s & 30’s: Volume 2, James Edward Black, ed., 2001
    Oil Lamps: The Kerosene Era in North America, by Catherine M. V. Thuro, 2001
    Oil Lamps II: Glass Kerosene Lamps, by Catherine M. V. Thuro, 2000
    Oil Lamps 3: Victorian Kerosene Lighting: 1860-1900, by Catherine M. V. Thuro, 2001
    Miniature Lamps II, by Ruth Smith, 2000
    Classic Lanterns, by Dennis A. Pearson, 1998

    Antique Brass and Copper: Identification and Value Guide, by Mary Frank Gaston, 1992
    International Hallmarks on Silver, Tardy, 2000
    Silver Novelties in the Gilded Age: 1870-1910, by Deborah Crosby, 2001
    Georg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid Silver, by Janet Drucker, 2001
    Yesterday’s Silver for Today’s Table: A Silver Collector’s Guide to Elegant Dining, by Richard Osterberg, 2001

    Diary of an Early American Boy: Noah Blake, 1805, by Eric Sloane, 1965
    Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual, Collector Books, 2006
    The Grand Generation: Memory, Mastery, Legacy, by Mary Hufford & Marjorie Hunt & Steven Zeitlin, 1987
    The Pioneer Americana Collection of Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Shelley, Pook & Pook, Inc., 2007

    American Musical Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Laurence Libin, 1985
    The Sheet Music Reference & Price Guide, by Anna Marie Guiheen & Marie-Reine A. Pafik, 2004

    Indian Arrowheads: Identification and Price Guide, by Robert M. Overstreet, 2001

    Collecting Oriental Antiques, by Judith Moorehouse, 1976

    Collector’s Guide to Wallace Nutting Pictures, by Michael Inankovich, 2001

    Rare & Expensive Postcards, Book II, by John M. Kaduck, 1980

    Antique Trader Cameras and Photographica Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen, ed., 2004
    The Daguerreotype in America, by Beaumont Newhall, 1976

    The Antiques Trader 1993 Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen, ed.
    Discovering Antiques: The Story of World Antiques, British Publishing Corporation, 1973
    Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List, 1993, by Ralph and Terry Kovel
    Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List, 2004, by Ralph and Terry Kovel
    Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List, 2011, by Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel
    The Sotheby Parke Bernet Guide to Pricing Antiques, by Ian Bennett, 1975
    Warman’s Antiques and Their Prices, Harry L. Rinker, ed., 1989

    Primitives: Our American Heritage, by Kathryn M. McNerney, 2001 & 2002 (2 books)
    America’s Glorious Quilts, Dennis Duke & Deborah Harding, ed., 1989
    New York Beauties: Quilts from the Empire State, by Jacqueline M. Atkins & Phyllis A. Tepper, 1992
    101 Patchwork Patterns, by Ruby McKim, 1962 (orig. 1931)
    Red & White: American Redwork Quilts, by Deborah Harding, 2003
    Red & White: Redwork Patterns, by Deborah Harding, 2003
    Vintage Quilts, by Bobbi Aug & Sharon Newman & Gerald Roy, 2002
    America’s Quilts and Coverlets, by Carleton L. Safford & Robert Bishop, 1972
    Coverlets, by Mildred Davison & Christa C. Mayer-Thurman (The replica Rolex Art Institute of Chicago), 1973
    The Book of Handwoven Coverlets, by Eliza Hall, 1988
    Double Wedding Ring Quilts: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, by Victoria Faoro, ed., 1994
    Quilts, Coverlets & Hooked Rugs, by Charles Rand Penney, 1982
    American Beauties: Quilts from the Empire State, by Jacqueline M. Atkins & Phyllis A. Tepper, 1971
    Made in New York State: Handwoven Coverlets, 1820-1860, by Margaret E. M. Shaeffer, 1985
    Quilts Collections: A Directory for the United States and Canada, by Lisa Turner Oshins, 1987

    Classic Millinery Techniques: A Complete Guide to Making & Designing Today’s Hats, by Ann Albrizio & Osnat          Lustig, 1998
    The Story of Antique Needlework Tools, by Bridget McConnel, 1999

    100 Historic Ships in Full Color, by John Batchelor, 2001

    2005 Baseball Card Price Guide, Price Guide Editors of Sports Collectors Digest

    Early American Stencils On Walls and Furniture, by Janet Waring, 1968
    Early American Wall Stencils in Color, Alice Bancroft Fjelstul, Patricia Brown Schad and Barbara Marhoefer, 1982

    The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs: Unrolling the Secrets, by Jessie A. Turbayne, 2004
    Kilim Rugs: Tribal Tales in Wool, by Susan Gomersall, 1999
    Collecting Household Linens, by Frances Johnson, 1997
    Collecting More Household Linens, by Frances Johnson, 1997
    Miller’s Samplers: How to Compare & Value, by Stephen and Carol Huber, 2002
    Terrific Tablecloths from the ‘40s and ‘50s, by Loretta Smith Fehling, 1998
    Miller’s Collecting Textiles, by Patricia Frost, 2000
    Oriental Rugs: A Buyer's Guide, by Lee Allane, 1988

    The Handplane Book, by Garrett Hack, 1997
    Classic Hand Tools, by Garrett Hack, 1999
    A Museum of American Tools, by Eric Sloane, 1964
    The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide to Value, by Ronald S. Barlow, 2002-2003
    Town-Country Old Tools, Locks, Keys & Closures, by Jack P. Wood, 2003

    Schroeder’s Collectible Toys: Antique to Modern Price Guide, by Sharon and Bob Huxford, 2002
    O’Brien’s Collecting Toys, Karen O’Brien, ed., 2004
    Antiques of American Childhood, by Katharine Morrison McClinton, 1970
    200 Years of Dolls, by Dawn Herlocher, 2002
    Mandeville’s Madame Alexander Dolls: 4th Collector’s Price Guide, by A. Glenn Mandeville, 2003
    Steiff Bears and Other Playthings Past and Present, by Dee Hockenberry, 2000
    The Encyclopedia of Toys, by Constance King, 1978

    Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains: 1945-1969, by David Doyle, 2004

    Accessorizing the Bride: Vintage Wedding Finery Through the Decades, by Norma Shephard, 2005